About Me

My name is Kevin Dackow. I am a current student at Brown University in the class of 2020. I am pursuing a Sc.B. in Computer Science and am heavily involved in the choral arts at Brown. For more information about me, check out my resume and social media.

Social Media

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Computer Science Experience

Coursework at Brown University


  • CSCI 0170: Computer Science, An Integrated Introduction
  • CSCI 0180: Computer Science, An Integrated Introduction

Fall 2017:

  • CSCI 0330: Introduction to Computer Systems
  • CSCI 1300: User Interfaces and User Experience

Independent Work

Web Design Projects:

  • Creator of this website, kevindackow.com.
  • Contributor for The Bear Necessities Website: In Progress


  • HTML - Lynda.com coursework
  • CSS - Lynda.com coursework
  • JS - Lynda.com coursework
  • Java - Brown University coursework
  • Scala - Brown University coursework
  • Racket - Brown University coursework
  • OCaml - Brown University coursework
  • LaTeX - Brown University coursework
  • Linux - Brown University coursework